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Here they are, the Ten Commandments of Karaoke, paraphrased from the original. Anyone who is a true blue karaoke junkie should already know these rules and abide by them at all times. KJ's, feel free to copy these commandments and place them in your books.



THOU SHALT NOT .........heckle,boo,harass,or otherwise interrupt a singer. It's not only bad manners, but may result in a very quick 86 out of the bar.


THOU SHALT NOT... swing the mike by its cord, dance with the mike stand, or get too drunk to control your actions. The equipment used for karaoke is expensive, and you may be held accountable for damages. The 86 experience may also be encountered here.


THOU SHALT NOT..... whine about when your next turn is; you will sing no less than everyone else.


THOU SHALT NOT upset if another patron sings a song you were planning to sing. There are plenty of songs to choose from, and you can always do it another night.


THOU SHALT NOT..... use foul language when at the mike. You might find it is the last time on stage for you, if you don't wind up taking the old 86 Express!


THOU SHALT NOT ......come to the stage with a beer or cigarette. Again, the equipment is very expensive, and easily damaged by things such as spilled drinks and cigarette burns.


THOU SHALT NOT.....sing along louder than the performer or join he performer on stage unless invited. This can be very irritating and distracting for the singer.


THOU SHALT NOT.. walk in front of the screen or block the singer's view of the screen. This is very rude, as the singer must be able to see the words in order to sing.


THOU SHALT NOT .....carry on a loud conversation next to the stage. It is hard for a singer to follow the music cues when they have people talking loudly next to them.


THOU SHALT .....APPLAUD!! Come on now, anyone who gets up there deserves some attention, don't you think? And besides, we're all here to have fun!!

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