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nh karaoke 
for your nh 
weddings and functions


For Weddings, Clubs, Parties, Campgrounds

(Pontotoc, MS.)

nh karaoke 
for your nh 
weddings and functions


Want to add even MORE fun to your Party?

Add Karaoke
For Only $100 More*

*After DJ services are secured
Karaoke alone is priced identical to DJ services alone


Randy Vogler
and Karaoke Host

"Sound Sensations"

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Try Karaoke
Where YOU are the Star!


Hear that friend, relative, or co-worker you've never heard sing before! Or perhaps yourself!
Are you a closeted "shower singer" dying to show them what you can really do?

It's Fun!

Sound Sensations has every song by every company available on Karaoke and stays up to date monthly

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Yes! We have a library of over

Karaoke songs--Pop, Rock, 50's 60's 70's, 80's, 90's, New Releases, Country, Big Band, Standards--we have them all!

In an effort to keep the party moving, we generally play DJ dance music until 3 or 4 slips from singers are received. These people would be called up, as well as others who submitted slips in the meantime. When those people are finished, back to dancing! If you have a different idea for your party, that's O.K., too!

Click Here for
"The Ten Commandments" of Karaoke

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We Feature For Equipment:

2) Also now available a complete high tech computer system for D.J. and Karaoke

We have 2 laptops , which virtually eliminates "down time" between singers.
3) Four Professional Microphones with digital echo
4) A 450 watt powered speakers - more than enough for any venue

5) And, of course, a TV monitors--1 for the singer with stand, and one facing the audience for them to follow along with if available at venue.


After DJ services have been secured, add karaoke for only $100 for the entire function !!
*(Karaoke only, without DJ, is priced the same as DJ only)

Soundchoice is Sound Sensations "karaoke CD+G's of choice".


Contact Randy Vogler

At "S und Sensations &Disc Jockey and Karaoke Services of Mississippi
The Best Damn Karaoke East of the Mississippi