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  "Frequently Asked Questions"


Q. How much do you charge?

A. Obviously, the most often-asked, and first-asked question. We strive to keep our prices competitive with other DJ's in our area with comparable equipment, experience, etc.

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For 1-time only, private, not-open-to-public functions: Weddings, Anniversaries, Home Parties, etc.-- is listed on our Rates Page only Master of Ceremonies work (directing the reception) is included.

Then, book the DJ/MC services at these regular prices, and get Karaoke Services at only $100 extra for the entire function! Well over 80,000 different songs! (10/12/09) It would cost at LEAST that to rent a machine on your own, and you would need someone competent to run it.
*Note: Karaoke alone is also available at $100 per hour.

For more information on our Karaoke Services,
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Bars, lounges, etc. (public dances) are negotiable, depending on the time of the year and the number of dates booked, but would be in the vicinity of $200 per night for DJ  and Karaoke combined. . The $200 rate is considered a multiple-night price (ongoing).

Overtime for private functions any period of time past the stated contracted time) is $100 per hour, depending on our availability.

Travel am willing to travel. I often travel 1 to 2 hours away from home to do functions. Travel outside my local area (local is determined by me, but is 50 +/- miles from Pontotoc, MS.. Naturally, charge depends on how far I have to go.

For more information on prices and rates,

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Q. What kind of music do you have?

A. We have a wide variety of music on hand, whether it be for a wedding, an anniversary party, or a folksy 'ol campground. Generally, a good variety, especially of dance numbers, is needed. If a list of "please be sure to play" is submitted to me within a week or two prior to your function, I will make every effort to acquire them. We also do have radio edited versions of songs

Q. Do you take requests from our guests as well as ones we may want?

A. Yes and Yes. It's our aim, of course, to please you and as many of your guests as possible. After all, from a business point of view, there could be future clients in the audience. We also try to play them as soon as possible.

Q. What if we have some special songs we want played?

A. Provided the song list is sent (email, or regular mail) at least one to two weeks prior to your function. This would give sufficient time, if needed, to acquire a few we may not have.

Q. Do you work with us, or do you have a set way of doing things?

A. My attitude is always that I'm being hired by you, and I do what you want to have done. This is YOUR wedding or function. I'll be glad to make some suggestions when we meet prior to the wedding, and certainly if you need ideas or guidance, I've been to and played at many weddings in the past 20+ years, and I see how others like to do things. In the end, though, I make it YOUR decision as to what we inevitably do.

Q. Do you keep things "rolling"?

A. Absolutely. Some good examples are making sure the toast is being poured by the time the entrance of the wedding party is made. Another would be briefing the photographer and caterer at the beginning as to the format I've worked out with you, so they are ready to take pictures, or checking that food and wine toasts have been set out and ready to be served so as to not have any "down-time" You will see me "roaming around" a lot, speaking with the photographer, caterer or kitchen people, coordinating happenings.
Not the usual thought-of responsibilities of the DJ/MC.


Q. Do you typically provide props or are you a more low key act?

A. Yes I provide props for club and bars. As far as weddings and private parties I believe on allowing the music to "speak" for itself. I also believe that folks want to dance.  

Q. Do you need a down deposit for us to retain your services?

A. Yes. A $100.00 retainer would be needed to retain your date in our book. The deposit is non- refundable, but is applied to and subtracted from your original, agreed-to fee. The retainer is expected, usually by mail, within 5 mailing days from when you called me to inform me of your decision. I will hold the date for you for those 5 days--guaranteed.

Once the retainer is secured, if anyone else calls for that day-time, I simply inform them I'm all set with that date.

A check or money order may be sent to and payable to:

Randy Vogler
105 Johns Lane
Pontotoc, MS






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