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Wedding Packages

1) Basic 4 Hour Wedding Package - $700

2) Basic 4 Hour Wedding Package (includes all lighting and fog if requested) - $800

1) Deluxe 4 Hour Wedding Package with Karaoke - $800

2) Deluxe 4 Hour Wedding Package with Karaoke (includes all lighting and fog if requested) - $900

Additional time will be assessed at an added $100 per hour

Do You Need Additional Hours?
How Many?
A. 1/2
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3


Non-Wedding Functions

1) Basic 4 Hour DJ Music Package-$400

2) 3 Hour DJ functions, non-wedding, is $300

3) 3 Hour Karaoke functions, non-wedding $400
There is a 3 hr minimum on any event so if your event is less than 3 hrs will be charged for 3hrs

*(does not apply to schools and campgrounds)

Additional time will be assessed at $100 per hour
Do You Need Additional Hours?
How Many?
A. 1/2
B. 1
C. 2

Prom Rates are $550 for 4hrs this will include all lighting effects
an additional $100 per hour for each hour after

I am willing to travel from my home in Pontotoc, MS.

Additional travel expenses would depend obviously on how far I have to travel. 

Travel charge will be added for venues over 100 mile from Pontotoc.

Also any hotel expenses if overnight due to distance will be added.

Different Types Of DJs

Some people, who refer to themselves as DJs, charge much less, and show up with their low-quality Radio Shack amp & speakers in little more than street clothes, with maybe 150 CDs, (they can't AFFORD to buy any more) and lacking in experience with reading a dance floor, claiming they don't make announcements--they only play music.
(in the business, we affectionately refer to them as

Please--Don't let this nightmare happen to you!

It's really true that "you get what you pay for". These DJs may charge $150-$200 for a pool party or a wedding for 4 hours, but is this the "DJ" who want for your Wedding, Corporate, or Christmas party? They are obviously just starting out and don't want to make a large investment until they "test the waters"--on you, perhaps??

At "S und Sensations " with Randy Vogler, you're getting:

1)a DJ with over 20 years of experience as a Mobile DJ & Master of Ceremonies to direct your function.
2) "State of the Art" equipment completely computerized huge music selection, of 800,000 mps and 80,000 karaoke songs.



(Priced Differently From Private Parties)

Multiple Bookings--Ongoing Dates

Multiple bookings would be defined as 2 per wk, 3-4 mo. at the same lounge, campground, etc.
Price is negotiable--usually about $175/$200 per night and must be contracted in advance as multiple dates--any combo of DJ music and/or karaoke--


Private Functions
Private functions require a $100 retainer and needs to be received within 5 mailing days after your decision to retain services has been made. During these 5 days, I will "pencil you in".
Contract can be sent out along with the retainer and save you a mailing. If all is correct and agreeable, I will sign, take a copy, and mail the contract back to you.
That's all there is to it!

We have a very competitive price--but we don't skimp on quality!

So--are you ready to "take the plunge" and book us?


You may contact us at Phone: 662-308-8471

or email me at



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